Jonas Kamber

Data-driven Interaction Designer

Exsila started as an insider for DVD fans 10 years ago and is now the biggest product sharing site in Switzerland. In continuous support, I help Exsila to shift to a mobile centered platform.
Ricardo is the most successful e-commerce company in Switzerland. I was responsible for a visual redesign of their platform In close collaboration with the core team members of Ricardo, we designed over 600 layouts, ran user tests, and made decisions based on user behavior.
Silp has more than 8 million registered users who signed up to get informed of new career opportunities. As co-founder I was responsible for the product and design. Silp was acquired in 2015.

Hundreds of projects

I published my first website over 20 years ago. After my studies in design, I spent seven years as interaction designer and art director at leading web agencies, and four years as co-founder at a startup. For two years now, I’m supporting companies as a freelancer.

On your team

I follow a very simple process: I work remotely, but as part of your team and show you everything I do. This way, you won’t simply get an output after I’m done, but you’re in control and can steer the direction. I help find the best solutions based on numbers and experience.

Efficient work flow

Your investment will be put towards an efficient work flow with direct communication. I work with hand sketches, rapid prototyping and advanced visual design tools. I’m able to provide the highest quality of design concepts, more thought through then leading design agencies can.

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